The Essential Guide to Cryptos and Taxes for Canadians in 2021

Tax season is upon us for in Canada, and many of us who’ve invested in cryptocurrencies are a bit baffled about what to do about our taxes. If you’re reading this, you’re probably unsure about how to stay in the Canada Revenue Agency’s good books and correctly declare what needs to be declared.

As I’m not an accountant, I urge everyone to consult the CRA website directly on their guide for cryptocurrency users and tax professionals, and consult with a professional accountant to make sure you’re not going to do anything wrong.

But, in an effort to make things a…

The Ultimate Guide to NFTs for Canadians

It’s 2021, and whether you’ve been on Tiktok, or reading the news, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about NFTs by now. In this guide, we’ll explore a few things:

  • What are NFTs?
  • What makes NFTs valuable (or not)?
  • What not to do (Warnings and things to watch out for)
  • How can I buy and sell NFTs in Canada?
  • Where Can I Buy & Sell NFTs in Canada?
  • What are gas fees?
  • What kinds of NFTs should I consider buying/selling?

Sound good? Alright, hop on the train and let’s go for a ride and learn about NFTs.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for…

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When I was in my last semester of university, I was plagued by questions and career anxiety: What should I do with my career? What am I qualified for? What jobs can I get with a Bachelor of Arts degree?

After getting caught in all the job market’s worst traps, and attending dozens of seminars, career workshops and more, I discovered that the job market so much bigger than what I originally thought. Over the next few years, my experience in the tech industry taught me some effective hacks to find and contact people. I quickly realized how valuable these…

A starter guide to communicating remotely with Slack for non-profits and small businesses

Here we are. It’s March 2020 and events all over the world are being cancelled, people are stocking up with hoards of supplies, and many companies are asking their employees to work from home to help #FlattenTheCurve.

But what about you? Perhaps you work at a non-profit or an organization that’s more low-tech and you’re not sure how your team might even begin to consider working from home.

How will you communicate?
How will you check-in with each other?
How will you all be efficient?

Adopting a new platform can be very challenging, particularly when people have been communicating in…

A project for ProductHunt’s 2018 Makers Festival

On November 6th, 2018, I decided to move to China.

There was so much happening in the Chinese tech ecosystem that so few people knew about around the world, that it became a fascination — an obsession of mine to learn about.

  1. 3 of the top 5 phone manufacturers in the world are Chinese (Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo).
  2. China is the only country in which there have been $1 billion Series-A rounds of investment.
  3. On Double11 (Chinese Black Friday), one single company, Alibaba, beat out the entirety of the US Black Friday sales…

Immersively Experience China’s Tech and Innovation

Newcomers to China often face a barrage of difficulties when visiting China including China’s internet firewall, language barriers, trouble with navigating the tech ecosystem and more.

Well friend… it’s your lucky day. That’s all about to change!

Introducing Unlock China

Unlock China is a 6-week curated trip for founders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to discover the world of Chinese tech, learn Mandarin immersively, and navigate the world of Chinese startups in Shenzhen, China.

Instead of facing all the difficulties and boundaries of visiting China, let us handle the logistics and complicated stuff, and you focus on learning and sponging in the language and…

Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

One thing I often think about is whether I am judgmental of people around me. I often pride myself on the idea that I’m a relatively easygoing and accepting person.

Despite that, I find myself confused sometimes because of the way my brain works. I’m embarrassed to admit that sometimes when I’m out and about, I’ll be looking at people around me and catch myself developing judgements on them (in my own head) based on their clothes, appearance, mannerisms or any number of other factors.

Catching Myself

That being said, a quick reflex I have when I catch myself doing this is…

There’s no doubt that the cryptocurrency trend is something you’ve been hearing about all around you. It has has a bumpy past, with some incredible spikes. Many have made a lot of money, many have lost a lot of money.

In 2021, cryptocurrency is easier to obtain than ever before. There are hundreds of apps available as exchanges, portfolio managers and lots of ways to buy and sell.

But as a Canadian, which are the best, and most secure ways to buy and sell digital assets?

Well join along for the ride and I’d love to be your guide.


A few years ago, I had missed the Bitcoin boat. In late 2012 or early 2013, I remember trying to get my account verified on a number of virtual currency exchanges. Due to some complications with account creation, I decided it was too much of a hassle and I gave up not thinking too much of it.

A year or so later, Bitcoin exploded, and I was bummed that I had missed the boat. The spike went up, then it went down. On December 4, 2013, the price of Bitcoin reached an all time high of $1314 CAD. Had I…

We’ve all seen it. That Facebook photo of a friend posing on a paradisiacal beach — with a laptop and a coconut drink — and the caption: “my office for the day.”

For a lot of people, this is living the dream. And it’s not hard to see why.

Having a job that allows you to make your own hours and travel at the same time is pretty cool. But it’s not always easy.

So let’s talk about how you can get started. …

Iskender Piyale-Sheard

Tinkerer and adventurer at heart. Technology + Cryptocurrency. Possibly the most positive person on Earth.

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